The Tiatr-O! Community

Tiatr-O! is a community where artists from different fields come together to create a positive impact on self, businesses and society. The objective of The Community is to bring in a positive shift in the self, transform businesses and inspire society. This is done by creating and leveraging opportunities that offer an avenue to artists to learn, showcase their talent and create positive impact.

  • If you are an actor who wants to leverage their talent to create meaningful change for self and others, Tiatr-O! is the place for you

  • If you are an aspiring actor who is looking to learn the craft and carve out a new path in life, look no further

  • If you are an artist who creates magic with colours and canvas or you are a student of art, Tiatr-O! brings to you great opportunities

  • If dance and music are your forte, we have something for you too. Get in touch with us.

Below are examples of some opportunities that The Community offers:

Theatre Based Corporate Training

Tiatr-O! offers people of The Community opportunities to be a part of corporate learning activities using theatre as a teaching method. Various forms of theatre like Drama, Forum Theatre, Playback Theatre and more are used to offer insight filled experienced for corporate consumption. The Community has successfully delivered many theatre based workshops for various industries like Retail, Automobile, BFSI, IT/ITES and more.

Forum Theatre especially has proven to be a highly impactful learning method to tackle various topics and issues.

If you want to be a part of this journey, contact us for an audition.

Forum Theatre
Forum Theatre
Stage Productions

Tiatr-O! has produced and staged some very successful shows for public theatre going audience to theme based corporate audience. The Shenanigans, Black, White & Life In Between, Panchami are just a few examples.

Visit our 'Drama' page to understand the kind of work we take pride in being a part of.

If you are an actor or a theatre professional who would aspire to be a part of such ventures, contact us for an audition. There is always something for everyone.

Art and Art based workshops

Art based workshops: These are theme based workshops using fine art as a medium for participants to introspect and externalise their emotions and feelings. Generally used to deliver corporate themes, these workshops are also conducted for public too

Art Workshops: If you are an art enthusiast who aspires to learn the tricks and tools to master fine arts like painting and pencil sketching, Tiatr-O conducts art workshops at various locations across the country. stay tuned to learn about our upcoming workshops.

Painting classes
Painting classes
Theatre Centric Acting Courses

Tiatr-O! conducts acting courses for aspiring actors who are either looking at making acting a career or are simply pursuing it as a hobby.

These courses are conducted both in residential and non residential formats at Mumbai and Goa. These acting courses equip you with all the skills and techniques required to successfully perform on stage .

We announce dates of these courses regularly. Stay tuned to learn about upcoming batches or fill the form by clicking on the link below and we will stay in touch.

Acting courses
Acting courses

Testimonials from Tiatr-O! community members

A lot of individuals have benefitted at a personal level professionally, intellectually and financially by being members of the Tiatr-O! community. Tiatr-O! provides multiple channels for artists not just to showcase their talent but also support others in their development, in turn personally gaining benefits. Below are testimonials from some members who have been proud members of Tiatr-O!